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The purpose of this survey is to inform you of our community driven initiatives and be empowered by your feedback.

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First we will share our vision, then if you wish to lend your support, there will be a set of questions whose answers will be compiled to provide data in our grant proposals.

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Our platform will be home to our passionate practice of making boats beautiful over the last 20 years.

Full service and self service boat detailing docks will accept yachts up to 100 ft. LOA.

The centre dock will host the Drive-in Boatwash™ that mechanically clean boat hulls. 

This system eliminates the need for divers to clean the hull or to apply toxic anti-fouling paint. *

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Our cafe will provide dining and catering services to all of our guests.

Travelling by boat, bike or walking to our destination will offer provisions to keep you healthy and hydrated. 

Pre-orders will be accepted online for customized catering to share your day on the water with family, friends and clients. *

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Our marine shoppe will serve as distribution depot of an online store populated with many familiar items found in marine supply stores plus many international products and equipment to ensure your time on the water is safe and lots of fun.

Local on the water delivery to your boat will be available when you order online. *

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Our three rooftops will serve three different functions.

Solar power production to decrease our nearly zero carbon footprint.

A green roof garden featuring container gardens and seating to enjoy a moment to relax with a book or a friend.

The dining patio will offer views of the yacht work happening below and also a great place for outdoor dining or a special event. *

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The water lab is an educational space where marine biology professionals will offer classes to the public.

Testing and monitoring water quality in this space will become an intelligent collaborative process that empowers the community of water enthusiasts of our region.

Learning about water is a faster way to stop the abuse of water. *

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Welcome to Spike's Aeroponics. Organic indoor gardening is a skill easily accessible with with a few basics.

Here is where boaters and visitors can acquire those basics along with supplies to start growing their own fresh organics on board or at home. *

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Virtual reality (VR) is how we will introduce the world to our friendships with various water cultures and their ceremonial practices and performances on the water from around the world.

All of our boat detailing training materials currently being curated by Spike On the Water™ will be available from our VR Store along with equipment and educational workshops to create your own VR experiences.


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We Beautify Boats™ is our marine contractors service network headquartered at Spike's Marine Station.

The administration offices provide professional support to marine service specialists on and off-site.

Two co-operative offices will be accessible to our network contractors and pay per use clients to host business meetings, on the water. *

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Have you heard of the SMART CITY CHALLENGE ? *

The Smart Cities Challenge is a competition open to all municipalities, local or regional governments, and Indigenous communities (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis) across Canada.

This Challenge will inspire communities across the country to define their future with the help of their residents through the use of a smart cities approach.

Winning communities will be awarded with prize money to help implement their smart cities proposals. Infrastructure Canada is engaging Indigenous leaders, communities and organizations to finalize the design of a competition specific to Indigenous communities that will reflect their unique realities and issues.

Indigenous communities are also eligible to compete for all the prizes in the current competition using the process and timelines outlined in this Guide.

After reviewing our vision, which elements of the SMART CITIES APPROACH would you say SPIKES MARINE STATION meets? *

 Openness
When communities make their data truly accessible, usable, and barrier-free, their decision- making processes become transparent, empowering citizens and strengthening the relationship between residents and public organizations. 

 Integration
Data and connected technology empower communities to break down silos that exist within local governments and public organizations. 

 Transferability
When tools and technological approaches are open-source, transparent, and standardized, they can be used by communities across the country, no matter their size or capacity.

 Collaboration
Connected technology enables communities to bring traditional and non-traditional partners together to collaborate.


The Smart Cities Challenge is open to communities of all sizes across Canada. Applicants must represent an identifiable community and must be responsible for services in that community. 


 Municipalities and local or regional governments established by or under provincial or territorial statute.

  Indigenous communities including First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities (such as First Nation band and Tribal Councils, and communities under Self-Government Agreement, Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement or the Métis nation).

  A combination of organizations listed above

*** To make a proper application we must come together as community...
As a Boating Ontario Member, I believe this organization can be the key to a successful application. 

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Do you feel the Federal or Provincial governments have done enough for the boating community? *

What type(s) of evidence do you see or would recommend for government sponsorship and involvement with the boating community?

What kinds of water or boating related  education do you use to further your knowledge and skills on the water? *

Which types of education should children receive when it comes to boating?

How much time do you spend outdoors in the summer months? *

What percentage of your time outdoors is spent ON or NEAR the water? *

As a boater, where is most of your socializing while NOT on your own boat? *

How long have you been a boater in your region? *

Do you clean and maintain your own boat? *

Will you continue to be a boater for the rest of your days? (How dedicated to your hobby are you?) *

Would you consider using a service that allows for cleaning and maintenance that you can do while out on the water? *

Have you ever seen a drive in facility for boats that includes full-service top to bottom cleaning? *

Would you consider using such a facility if one was easily available to you? *

What advantages would SPIKES MARINE STATION provide you and your boat?

more time for play, a great new destination, fun for the whole family...
Are there enough resources for the boating community in your area? *

Final Question 

Clean water is a human responsibility... 

What are your clean water goals that could promote a healthier on the water environment?

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with your feedback we are able to serve our entire on the water community better.

See you on the water!

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