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Meet Christina Xavier-Stasiw, the proud owner of C - Staged Interiors. 
She's here to stage your boat!

To stage means to de-personalize; the goal is neutrality. 
It’s been statistically proven that a well-staged boat will sell more quickly and for more money. 
Buyers are interested in a boat’s potential for themselves. 
That’s why helping sellers understand the importance
of the buyers’ agenda is such an important step. 
Working with a proven system and artistic flair, C can positively affect final sale price. 
It’s about showing boat's at their best and appealing to the broadest cross section of buyers. The more people who can imagine their lives in a boat, the more competitive
the bidding will be. 
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The sub contractors we network with agree to the following:

Spike On The Water will want to obtain confirmation of proper insurance being carried by any subcontractor that we engage.  

That insurance policy must have the same limits as our own, $5,000,000.00

The policy should name Spike on the Water inc as an additional insured.

Loss of or damage to third party property occurring in the course of or arising from the ship repairing operations of the Assured; where such liability results from negligence of the Assured, his servants, agents or subcontractors occurring during the period of this insurance. 

Our insurer would retain the right to subrogate against any subcontractor and they would pursue them for any claim that was paid by your policy from work done by them on behalf of Spike On The Water.
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for phone, followed by on-board consultation and insurance. 

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